Write a spec script for your own animated sitcom. This is, far and away, the most difficult choice and will be graded on a different, much more critical scale. The paper should be 2.5 – 3 pages outlining your characters (sketches welcome, and should appear at the end, not counted toward page count) and the overall theme of your series. We’ve spent a great deal of time proving that animation is about something(s). What is your show going to be about? What issues are you interested in exploring with your series, and how will you address them as characters develop and your show progresses? Perhaps laying out a story or series arc that not only outlines the plot, but also gets into why these things happen and how they illustrate your larger points.
The remaining 2 – 2.5 pages should be a scene in which your characters play out one or more of the issues you plan to address. Using action and dialogue, show us exactly how it’s all going to work toward the goal of elucidating your underlying themes and cultural criticisms. In other words, you can’t just write “my show is about a fat guy who is also stupid” then write a scene where he farts for 10 minutes.
Why is he fat? Why is he stupid? How are you using these attributes to explore larger issues such as the things we’ve covered in class? Farting is awesome, yes, but why is he doing it for 10 minutes and what does farting represent. The foul stench of our economy? Interesting choice, but I’ll go with it. Tell me more!

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