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Write an arguement about the significance and impact of advertising on society.  The assignment will thus have several elements. First choose either a series of comparable or conctrasting ads by either one company (ie calvin klein), about one type of product (ie cars) or about a range of products. Describe these in graphic detail so that a reader of your paper does not need to sell the ads to understand what you are talking about. Second consider the logic of the ads and argue what the aim or purpose of them is. Third discuss the impact of them on you and atleast one other generation. (INTERVIEW ANOTHER FAMILY MEMEBER AND USE IT AS A SOURCE)V Fourth broaden your scope and consider some specific impacts of consumerism on society.
You should use at least three academically legitimate secondary sources in this essay… wikipedia is not considered a legitimate source. Use a 12 pt font and title page necessary. make sure to Document and citations are there.

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