Any topic (writer’s choice)

This paper will be a critique of criticism. Choose one of the
articles from the end of the edition edited by Johanna M. Smith, written by one of the following authors: David Collings, Johanna M. Smith, Frann Michel, or Warren Montag. In your
paper, argue whether or not you agree with the article’s thesis, in part or entirely. I would recommend choosing an article that you have mixed feelings about, as this typically yields a more complex and energetic analysis.
You may notice that your article does not perform close readings as rigorously as
we have in this class. This means that you will have to approach the article on its own terms. For example, if the author uses the lens of Marxism in order to analyze the novel,then you must understand the general concepts of Marxism being applied. The
introductions to the articles are helpful in this way, but some research may be required to
understand these concepts. Always cite your sources as you do this research.
In addition to familiarizing yourself with concepts and jargon, I would
recommend paraphrasing the thesis, thereby assuring yourself that you understand the point the author is trying to make.
In your paper, you must consider the evidence the author provides, not just the
thesis as it might appear in the first few paragraphs. This will require a careful analysis of the entire article. You must read the article at least as closely as we have been reading Milton, for example.
If you disagree with something the author has written, be prepared to offer an
alternative interpretation. In most cases, I would expect some disagreement, otherwise
there is little point in writing the paper.

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