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you will take a queer approach to analyzing mainstream culture. Choose a scene from a Disney film that you feel you can examine in terms of gender, sexuality, and/or identity. What values does your scene imply? Does it challenge or reinforce essential ideas about identity categories (of gender, sexuality, race, class, etc.)? Do not try to discuss the entire movie. Rather, focus on your specific scene and do a close reading that helps you create a focused argument. Think carefully about how the dialogue, images, and sounds contribute to the meaning of the scene.

The goal of this assignment is to craft an essay with a focused, well-supported argument. Your essay should include a complex thesis that you have revised multiple times. Support your argument through analysis of carefully observed evidence from the film. Remember that you can argue for an allegorical or metaphoric reading of the scene (as Duralde, Rather, and JOS do) as long as you make a compelling case for your reading using specific details from the scene and clearly articulate what you think they represent.

As you come to your final conclusions about the scene you choose, you may also consider the relationship between your argument and the movie as a whole. Remember that after analysis there should be synthesis.  How does your analysis of the scene influence the meaning of the rest of the film? If, for example, your particular scene serves as a strong critique of heteronormativity, does the rest of the film live up to that critique? Make sure your conclusion leaves the reader with something to think about.

Your finished essay should be at least 3 full pages in length.  It should include direct quotes and paraphrases from the film along with carefully chosen visual details. Screen shots from the film may also be included, as long as they are carefully chosen and essential to your argument (note that screen shots do not count toward your overall page requirement).

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