“Are more government regulations on guns and ammunition needed?”

The essay I need written is a classroom based assessment required for my graduation. It is a 7 page paper written on the question, “Are more government regulations on guns and ammunition needed?”(Stance on the issue does not matter to me, I just need it done.) The paper must include:
+A Stated a position on the issue
+Considers the interaction between individual rights and the common good AND includes an analysis of how to
advocate for your position
+ Provides reasons for your position that include:
Analysis of how the Constitution promotes the principle you are addressing
+ Cite Constitutional principles* regarding Amendments 2-14
Evaluation of at least two court cases related to your arguments
Fair reference to the perspectives of contrasting interest organizations, institutions or published
researchers who have submitted positions on the issue
Explicit references within the paper to five or more credible, relevant sources AND submit an annotated
bibliography with a minimum of five credible sources

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