Are science and religion in conflict?

In philosophical papers, it is always best to present both sides of the issue (remember that there are usually more than two sides to any issue), and then to present the side that you find the most convincing. Remember to back up your position with logical reasoning and factual evidence. In addition, be sure to utilize the philosophical content and ideas that you have encountered in this course.
1. Identify the specific issue.
2. Make clear one basic dispute over this issue.
3. Clarify the arguments on multiple sides of the issue.
4. Structure an argument that supports the side of the issue you find to be better defended.
5. Explain why you find that side of the debate superior.
6. State your own view, and defend it with an argument.
7. Provide at least two references for each side of the debate.
8. Utilize the philosophical theories and ideas that you have encountered in this course as much as possible.

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