art history assignment, compare art works

1. Compare and contrast Dogon Cliff Dwellings with Granaries, Mali, Africa, 13th century (figure 6-28) with Soldiers from Pit 1, Shaanxi, China, 221-206 BCE, painted ceramic (figure 9-10).

2. Compare and contrast Studio Daniel Libeskind, Computer-Generated Design to Rebuild the World Trade Center Site, 2004 (figure 9-30) with Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, c. 2000 BCE (figure 8-26).

3. Fertility Goddess.  The Venus of Willendorf (figure 7-3), the Idol from Amorgos (figure 7-4), God Te Rongo and His Three Sons (figure 7-5), and the Ashanti Akua’ba Dolls (figure 7-10) are all fertility gods/goddesses/figures.  What are their similarities?  What are their differences? Create your own fertility figure.  What features will you accentuate?

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