Art Imitates Life

Story: “Shooting an Elephant” by George orwell,
In many works that we’ve discussed this semester, one or more characters face a conflict. These conflicts can be either internal or external, be they with the characters themselves or with other characters or forces present in the work. Resolution of any conflict is seldom easy, and can often lead to sublime changes in our personality, for better or for worse. In the case of many artists and writers, conflict has greatly influenced their worldview, and in a great many different ways.

For your research paper this semester, you will choose a character we’ve discussed who has faced conflict, and, using research (4 or more library sources, from scholarly journal), compare and contrast the conflicts this character faces with those of the author’s own life. Your research should focus on drawing and showing, from both real and fictitious lives, a link between what we experience and how this contributes to what we create (our art).

In addition to thorough research of this topic, all papers should include a well-developed thesis, clear arguments thorough research, and an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.

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