In the 1400s, church architecture underwent a number of aesthetic and stylistic changes that you will study. Please write a 1750+ word paper discussing the religious architecture of Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence in the early 1400s. How does he blend religious symbolism with mathematical and classical principles to create a new Renaissance aesthetic? Give two examples by Brunelleschi, and one later example to show his influence.
For this paper, please include at least 5 references on Brunelleschi that help you to understand his aesthetics and his influence. Annotate three of these sources with a ten-sentence paragraph that reviews the source. Each annotation should include full sentences in essay format that detail what the link explores and how it is organized. You may include your thoughts on whether you think the link is successful or not, and explain why. Always include the full citation for each source. It might be helpful to complete the links before you begin your paper, so that you can include any additional information you discover in your essay.

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