Article Review

Your article review is at least a 2 page paper containing summary of a business and economics article of your choice. Your sources should be reputable such as but not limited to The Economist (, Business Week (, The Wall Street Journal (, The Washington Post (, and your local hometown newspaper which includes a foreign country’s newspaper (The Times of India, The article must have been published in the months of March, April, or May 2010.

You must write your paper using an academically acceptable documentation style such as the MLA and the APA styles. The main body of your paper must be at least two pages containing a detailed summary of your chosen article. More importantly you must include your own opinion and assessment of the article. You should identify key business and economics concepts that you think were incorporated in the article (for example, unemployment rate, demand, supply, fiscal policy, etc). You must also explain why you found the article interesting.

Make sure you have proper in-text citations and a work cited page (in the case of MLA) or reference page (in the case of APA).

Class, the intent of this paper is for you to begin to understand the relevance of many news to your personal and/or professional life. You may want to choose an article that relates to your current or professional career. For example, if you are an equestrian major, you may want to find out what is happening in the equestrian industry these day

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