Assessing school leaders as agents of social change

Main Task: Examine Social Change

The 1954 Brown Supreme Court case is landmark, but it was only the beginning. The problem of funding schools from the pocketbooks of local taxpayers became very unequal as deep pockets fled to the suburbs. President Johnson established the ESEA, one part of which, Title I, was designed to help restore the principle of equality in education. The Head Start program designed to help children from poor families get a jumpstart on schooling went through some bumps and grinds, but as more qualified teachers have been working in the program and there has been some improvement. The special education legislation passed by Congress in 1975 provided the resources to help these children keep up with regular education students and finally, the Title IX laws were put into place designed to equalize opportunities for boys and girls in school.

For this assignment you should write an essay where you:

Critique where we stand today.
Evaluate whether we better off than before.
Summarize what changes are required still.
5 resources minimum required
Length: 5-7 pages

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