Assignment #1

This is not an essay. This are questions that need to be answered from a specific text. the Text is called: ( Katleen Stassen Berger, The Developing Person, Through Childhood and Adolescence.) seventh Edition. Do not use any other reference besides this text. Please read and answers the following questions. keep the answers short and correct. do not wright out the questions and the answers just number them and go by order and i will know The first 8 question are from chapter 1-4 and the rest of the questions are from chapters 5-7.
Here are the questions.
Q1: Define development, focusing on three elements of its scientific study.

Q2: Describe scientific observation as a research strategy, noting at least one advantage (strength) and one disadvantage (or weakness).

Q3. Define and differentiate ethnicity, race, and culture.

Q4. Define developmental theory, and describe how developmental theories help explain human behavior and development, noting the differences among grand theories, minitheories, and emergent theories.

Q5. Explain the nature-nurture controversy as is pertains to human development.

Q6. Describe the process of conception and the first hours of development of the zygote.

Q7. Why is genetic counseling a personal decision and usually confidential, not to be publicized or legislated.

Q8. Describe the birth process, specifying the events of each stage.

Chapters 5-7
Q9. Describe the infant\’s height and weight, including how they change during the first two years and how they compare with those of an adult.

Q10. Identify key factors in the worldwide decline in childhood mortality over the last century, and discuss the importance of childhood immunization.

Q11. Explain what object permanence is, how it is tested in infancy, and when it develops.

Q12. Differentiate three theories of language learning, and explain current views on language learning.

Q.13 Describe the main development in the emotional life of the child between 6 months and 2 years.

Q.14 Define attachment, explain how it is measured and how it is influenced by the context, and identify factors that predict secure and insecure attachment.

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