To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
•Analyze published research that reflects the problem statement you identified in Unit 3 within your area of specialization.
•Choose between quantitative and qualitative approaches to the research problem and analyze the factors associated with the approach, evaluating why the approach is best to answer the research problem.
•Apply ethical principles and potential influences of researcher bias on the practices to formulating your research design.

Project Requirements

Though you will not actually complete a research study, to complete this project you are expected to meet the following requirements:
•Papers will include: ◦A cover page that meets APA 6th edition standards.
◦An introduction that includes a clear statement of the problem and purpose of the proposed study.
◦A review of ten appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles related to your proposed topic.
◦A proposed quantitative or qualitative approach to the proposed problem.
◦A conclusion that includes expected findings based on your knowledge of the field and your assessment of the literature related to the proposed topic.

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