Assignment 9

As a legal professional, you may be called upon to examine evidence to determine if it will be admissible. If the evidence is pffered at trial you must be ready to defend it as an admissible exception to the hearsay rule. Consider the following scenario;

-The prosecution offers a witness, Anne, who testifies that she was standing in tje school hallway when she heard a student who was walking by say thay a bomb had been planned to go off at noon
-When the prosecution asks Anne on the stand if the person who made that statement is in the courtroom, she nods her head and points to the defendant.
-The defense offers a prior statement given by Anne to police officers at the school that she did not clearly see who made the statement in the hallway.
-Defense offers a witness, Jacob, who testifies that he was in the school hallway when Anne turned to him and said that she just heard students say a bomb had been planted in the school.
Explain whether evidence ina each example is an admissible hewrsay or not.

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