Behavior Modification Project

• Describe the behavior/problem you chose. What difficulties does it cause or what about your situation made you choose this particular behavior.
• Describe why you think this behavior does/does not happen. MUST RELATE IT TO LEARNING (CH 6).
• Give short-term objective/goal and long term objective/goal.
• Describe the future benefits if behavior modification is achieved.
3. Next page/pages—
• Describe your methods (what you used for this project, how many days you were involved , how you measured progress, what definitions did you use for success and failure, etc.), procedure (what routine did/didn’t you follow or track your behavior) How do you plan to change your behavior/situation?
• Did the change you wanted happen? Why or why not?
• How would you change this project if you were to try it again? What would you do differently and what would you keep the same & why?
4. Using a bar graph or other chart, show your data.

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