Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Term Paper Prompt
Behind the Beautiful Forevers
by Katherine Boo

The book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, by Katerine Boo can be seen as a case study of the effects of our increasingly globalized world in a developing country.  Nearly all of the seven areas of global change can be illustrated in this single story.

In your paper you are to discuss how these things have affected the lives of the characters portrayed in the story.  Your paper should include a detailed discussion on the following areas.
•    Population (include growth [including total fertility rates and infant mortality rates, disempowerment of women, etc.,] migration, and urbanization)

•    Resources (include resource availability and scarcity, consumption patterns, pollution)

•    Economic integration (include poverty and inequality, economic interconnections between developed/developing countries, and emerging economies)

Finally, use your critical thinking skills to analyze the similarities/differences between how these issues occur and affect the characters in Mumbai, and how they occur and affect individuals in our own country.

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