Best Practices in Budgeting Forecasting

1- Introduction to Planning & Budgeting (4 pages)
– Concept
– Purpose
– Roles and Responsibilities on the different budget approaches
Major Steps

2- SWOT analysis of the different budgeting processes (2 pages)
– Long term vs short term planning
– Decentralized vs Centralized process

3- Explaining about the planning fronts? (4 pages)
– Operational Planning?
– Demand Planning?
– Expenses Planning?
– Finance planning?

4- The paradigm of planning structure: have a single cell operating the company wide process or a decentralized team with a single coordinating unit? (2 pages)
– Conflict of interests

5- Budget is step 1, but performance management is step 2! (3 pages)
Key performance indicators
– System requirements
– Variable compensation

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