Bible School Curriculum toteach the Attributes and Characterof God

Develop a Bible school curriculum for GCOGIC to discuss the Attributes and Character of God
Chicago Style footnotes and bibliography
Theological Topic: The Attributes and Character of God
***PLEASE INCUSIVE LANGUAGE when referring to GOD (never He or Him or Himself,
which implies that God is Masculine) God must be view as above gender.
Do the following:
a. Research the topic using theological and other academic resources, including
multivolume Bible commentaries and theological dictionaries if needed. Give some
indication that you understand the issues and the context (male and female, severe poverty,
multicultural Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, unwed mothers, homeless, who
may be coming for the food, ages 26 -77, statistics should cover Stroudsburg, PA) to which
you are speaking.
In-depth footnotes and bibliography required
b. Develop a four to six week curriculum plan that includes:
i. Goals and objectives
ii. Teaching resources including films and/or other creative media. Be specific about which media and why it is being used.
1. For example, if using movies, explain which movies and how it relates to the theological theme (God Attributes and Character) and objectives being pursued (everyone can see God and Jesus in their situation as their personal savior)
iii. A detailed explanation of the theological topic being presented that gives evidence that the topic is well researched and understood
iv. One sample lesson plan
c. Including 8- pages of the overall curriculum with theological explanations and contextual
GCOGIC = God’s Covenant of Grace International Church


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