Biology of Asthma and Allergic Disease

The primary objective of this assignment is to introduce you to the major biological concepts that are associated with asthma and allergic disease. This Application focuses on the role of various biological processes involved in the chronic illnesses of asthma and allergy.
i.Explain the biological basis of asthma and allergic disease, including an introduction to your chosen focus area;
ii.Discuss some of the recent (within five years) and current research on the biological focus area you chose, including study aim, methods, and results of the studies you discuss;
iii.Explain the value and application of the above research findings to public health, citing the studies as needed, and providing some examples of how this information is or can be used in public health policy, programs, and practice.

Your paper must provide APA-formatted references for all resources used and adhere to APA style and format. APA style headers will be expected for the three subsections of biological basis, research, and public health application. Use subheaders as needed. A title page and a reference page is required. An abstract is optional.

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