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Company Analysis Paper
Each project team is to analyze the managerial accounting system employed by a company of the team’s choice.  The analysis should be based on the company’s annual report to stockholders, its 10K report filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, interviews with company personnel, and any other information the project team can access.  The team should analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness of the system in supporting the control and decision-making processes of the company.  The team is to determine whether the company is well managed and identify the company’s management challenges and opportunities.  In the event that the project team is unable to secure sufficient information from a company to analyze its managerial accounting function, an alternate approach will be required.  One such approach is to select a publicly held company or an operating division of such a company and then design the appropriate managerial accounting system, addressing as many of the course topics as possible.
The paper should be completed in Microsoft Word and should adhere to the following outline:
•    Introduction
•    History / background of the company and industry
•    Analysis
•    Statement of problem
•    Recommendations
•    Conclusions

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