Book/movie review

Below are the four films that I will need to include in the book review.  The report should be 3 pages (single-space) and should include separate criticism of each film. At the top of each review, please include this information…. Complete title of film, year of production, and the name of the director, or producer of film.

A brief synopsis of each is as follows:

“Harvest of Empire” (2012)— How U.S. involvement in Latin America has caused Latino immigration into the U.S.

“Harvest of Loneliness”(2010)–The untold story of the “braceros” from an immigrant perspective.

“El Norte”(1984)–The story of Central American immigration into Mexican and the United States along with scenes of cultural discrimination and assimilation.

“La Ciudad/The City”(1999)–Four stories of the lives of immigrant people in New York City with no conclusion.

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