I have 2 cases. They are case #1 and case #2. Each case should be 2 pages long. The requirement is the following:

12 Point font – 1.5 spacing
Executive Summary: Identify the key issues of the case – less than half a page. Bullet Points.
Issue(s) Discussion: Several Paragraphs may be used to define and identify the key issues of the case.
Build a clear picture of the key issues by using a What, How; Results format to describe their affect on organizational performance.
Page 1
Recommendations and Conclusions:
Be sure to use foundational arguments related to the theoretical leadership and management practices covered during the course of the program.
Summary and Closing Paragraph:
Make well-supported recommendation(s)/
conclusions based on a thorough analysis of the issues presented in the previous paragraphs.
Page 2
Reference Sources:
Insert a reference page consistent with APA 5th Edition formatting. Cite any reference sources used within the executive Summary to support the conclusions/ recommendations, etc. as appropriate.

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