Business and Management

student will select a salient macroeconomics topic and prepare a double-spaced, five pages (excluding the cover and reference pages) research paper, as well as give an oral presentation. The paper/presentation needs to address a current macroeconomics problem and include the following key points:
1. A definition of the problem,
2. A history of the problem,
3. The current status of the problem (including who is affected by the problem),
4. Potential solutions to the problem and
5. Your proposed recommendation to the problem.

Please submit your chosen topic for instructor feedback during Module Five. Subsequently, please submit an outline of your paper, including the above listed key points, during Module Six.

The research paper/presentation should reflect that you identified, assessed and assimilated others’ research and then developed and expressed your own ideas clearly and persuasively. The length of your paper should be between five and seven pages (excluding the reference page) and your sources should come from a variety of publications. Note: To receive maximum credit, you must utilize seven or more different sources. Papers must be in standard APA format with a font size of 12, double-spaced and appropriate citation of resources. Grammar and spelling are important and will be factored into your score.

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