business consulting

Business Consulting with an emphasis on consulting with managers on how to get the best out of their employees. This can be for a new business or one that that is falling off. I want to be able to deliver coaching, mentoring, and training to management to get them to be able to produce an effective team that will show productivity and sound job ethics.
•    Recommendation Overview – 15 points
o    This section summarizes who, what, where, when, why, and maybe how; it explains the purpose of the project.
o    The product concept should be spelled out very clearly.
•    Basis for the Recommendation – 45 points
o    This section provides your rationale – with all the support data that you uncovered in your research – as to why the company should pursue this product.
o    You will need at least 3-5 solid reasons to support your idea, including the following:
    What is the customer need?
    What is the customer benefit(s)?
    What is the customer value?
    What is the size of the opportunity?
    Why will the customer buy?
•    Strategic Fit – 25 points
o    Does this concept fit the corporate strategy, business unit product line? Why?
•    Forecast – 20 points
o    Consider the revenue and unit estimates (5 years). Make sure you identify the cost, the price, and the number of units you will sell.
o    Consider the cost estimate, effects of learning curve.
o    Consider the capital requirement (ROI based on 10-year life).
•    Project Plan – 25 points
o    What is required to get this concept developed and tested?
o    Consider timing issues and potential roadblocks.
•    Writing Quality – 10 points
•    Citations and References – 10 points
o    For all sources, please cite in text and include a reference page.

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