Business Decision Making

You work for an investment house, based in City, and are required to write 1500 words for a client who is trying to understand the workings of the stock market. To do this, you have CHOSEN FOUR COMPANIES LISTED IN THE FTSE 100 (each from different industry sectors), and, over a SIX week period, demonstrate how the weekly price may fluctuate or remain steady. You show this by USING DATA PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES. You are also required to EXPLAIN the reasons behind the fluctuation (or stability) of the shares in the companies you have chosen, and compare this data to movement in the index values over the same period. You are also asked to DISCUSS SOME OF THE RISKS INVOLVED IN INVESTING IN THE EQUITY MARKET AND COMMENT ON THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF ANY TECHNIQUES YOU HAVE USED TO SUPPORT YOUR ANALYSIS.

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