Business Information System Project

I Did an Interview With Mr Mohammed Saeed he Is a CIO of a food packing company in saudi the interview was about ERP system in his company. we need the paper about ERP systems in companies and document your findings by writing a comprehensive report about the interview

please read the uploaded file it explane the instructions more

please make sure to site the interview in the references and use 2 more sources make sure the sources are not older than 2007

you might need this information:
we meat with the CIO via Skype

BSIS 496

Major Assignment

Fall 2011

Problem Requirements


This is a group assignment.  You are free to select your own group members. Groups are limited to three people.  This assignment involves contacting and interviewing a CIO (or top-level I.T. manager) of a major organization.  You may select a CIO of your own choice.  If your group doesn’t have any contacts with potential CIO’s, then I will attempt to arrange a contact for your team.  The objective is to interview the selected CIO about a specific topical area within their organization and analyze this area in reasonable depth.  There are many possible areas which are discussed in the Adventures textbook and also in the lectures and readings in class.


You must first determine what topics interest your group (probably an ordered list would be useful).  Then contact your CIO and determine which topic from your list would be suitable for your research.  Then you would do extensive research on your topic.  Your team would then formulate a series of questions that you would be asking your CIO.  I must approve those questions prior to your team interviewing the CIO and I will either approve the questions or suggest alternative or additional questions.  You will then interview your CIO based primarily on the approved questions.  The final step is to document your findings by writing a comprehensive report and also recording a Youtube video.


Detailed Requirements


The preceding gives you the basic requirements of the assignment.  This section gives more details of the assignment.  When making the initial contact with the CIO, the primary objective is to determine if the person is willing to participate and the possible topic that would be interesting to both the CIO and your team.  That means that the substance of your report will be on the second contact with the CIO.  Obviously, your team should do extensive research on the selected topic prior to this second contact.  This will be the basis of the questions you will be asking the CIO.  You should inform the CIO that the interview will take no more than a half an hour and be sure to stick to that time limit.  You must provide me with the name and email address of the CIO.  I will be following up your interview with some questions of the CIO with respect to the process that your team followed.


The team’s final report must include the research you did on the topic and the results of your interview with the CIO.  The Youtube video should be no longer than ten minutes and must be posted on Youtube and shared as a private video.  You will then post the video URL on the Vista Discussions bulletin board.  All members of the team must participate in the video.  Be sure to ask the CIO if you can reference their organization.  If not, then you may only use general references to the organization that will not make it possible to an outsider to identify the CIO or the organization.  It would probably be nice to share your video and maybe even your report with your CIO.  This is not mandatory, but would be a nice gesture.


Assignment Submission


You must submit an electronic copy of your assignment report via Vista and a paper copy in class by Wednesday December 7, 2011.  Be sure to cite the URL of the Youtube video within your report.



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