Business Law

You have been told that you and one of the company senior partners will be attending a US Court of Appeals hearing in the near future. To prepare you for this visit the partner will e-mail you a list of cases in the news and asks you which of these cases might be heard by the US Court of Appeals during the visit?

Send an email back to the partner, explaining which of the cases below that would be heard in the US Court of Appeals and explain why.

1.  A case involving a dispute between Colorado, Utah and Arizona over water rights.
2.  A case involving an appeal of a 5th U.S. District court decision regarding the right of Texas high school students to recite prayers over the school PA system before football games.
3. A case involving a state law prohibiting the import of nuclear waste from other states.
4. A civil suit brought by a plaintiff from Tennessee against a defendant from Kentucky.
5. A contract dispute between a private company and the U.S. government.
6. A case involving a violation of a city ordinance against loitering.

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