business plan

There are ten components of a business plan

1 executive summary

2 business description

3 marketing

4 location(operations)

5 Management

6 financial

7 critical risks

8 harvest strategy

9 milestone schedule

10 appendix

Because this is a group assignment, the part 6 financial, part 8 harvest strategies and part 10 appendix are my part

Please just finish my part: part 6 financial, part 8 harvest strategy and part 10 appendix

This is the business description

Business description

We are planning to establish a company which is called Fresh Way Enterprise. We currently have 3 administrative staff with entrepreneur trait in certain degree. Fresh Way Enterprise is going to dedicate to provide health and high standard food and beverage product to customer. Our product basically is juice which is blended with fresh fruit. In order to increase our competitive advantage, we are going to serve juice combine with popular or folk flavour food product in the especial location. As well as, we encourage customer to create their own recipe about the juice with mix vegetable and fruit to make it unique. At beginning, we are going to establish several retail shops in different location which have high customer traffic among in china to server and make juice for customer. With the business growth, we plan to set up manufactory to produce beverage and culture specialty food.






Three key financial statements must be presented: a balance sheet, an income statement and a cash flow statement. These statements typically cover a one-year period. Be sure to state any assumptions and projections you made when calculating the figures.

Determine the stages at which your business will require external financing and identify the expected financing sources (both debt and equity sources). Also, clearly show what return on investment these sources will achieve by investing in your business. The final item to include is the break-even analysis. This analysis should explain what level of sales will be required to cover all costs.

If the work is done well, then the financial statements should represent the actual financial achievements expected from your business plan. They also provide a standard by which to measure your results and serve as a very valuable tool to help you monitor and control your business venture.

Key elements:

1 what is your total expected business income for the first year? Quarterly for the next three years (forecasted)

2 what is your expected monthly cash flow during the first year?

3 have you included a method of paying yourself?

4 what sales volume will you meed in order to make a profit during the first three years?

5 what will be the break-even point?

6 what are your projected assets, liabilities, and net worth?

7 what are your funding sources?


Harvest strategy

Ensuring the survival of an internal venture is hard work. A founder’s protective feelings for an idea built from scratch make it tough to grapple with such issues as management succession, organisational rivalries, and harvest strategies. With foresight, however, entrepreneurs can keep their dream alive, ensure the security of their venture, and usually strengthen their business in the process. In addition, it is important to identify the potential harvest opportunities that may be available for the venture.


Key elements

1 have you planned for the orderly transfer of the venture assets if ownership of the     business is passed to this entity?

2 is there a strategy for identifying potential harvest opportunities?

3 what other exit strategies are considered?

4 what is the expected return for your investors’ investmet



This section includes important background information that was not included in the other segments but is pertinent to the venture and the business plan. This is where you would put such items as resumes of the management team, names of references and advisors, drawings, documents, licenses, agreements, financial tables, and any other materials that support the plan. You may also wish to add a bibliography of the sources from which you drew information.

Key elements:

1 have you included an documents, drawings, agreements, or other materials needed to support your plan?

2 are there any names of references, advisors, or technical sources you should include?

3 have all expected financial tables been included?

4 are there any other supporting documents?


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