Business Studies

Theme “Future Strategies and Tools in Business Communication- Meeting the Expectations of the Digital Native”


The potential communication value of creating a Facebook page for a company or organization that does not have one.


Each two-page Executive Summary will have the 9 following sections.

1. Executive Summary- Write this last. This is no more than a five-sentence summary of the information in the paper. Note- In the real world the Executive Summary usually determines if the individual reading your email will continue reading it, delete or file and save it. This is the most common way of dealing with information overload in the workplace.

2. Statement of the Problem. Everyone should address the fact that the company or organization has to move beyond Twitter and/or Facebook in order to build customer support, to create “raving fans”. (Google “raving fans” and  Ken Blanchard to see what I mean.)

Research- Communication preferences of digital natives. Business use of digital tools.  Use of x. Reword in an array of ways on google and in the FHSU digital article archive to find as much as you can

3. Background- What has the company been using? Why FB is urgent in this time?


4. Your Proposal- Define your recommendation in one sentence. Describe your proposal in five sentences.


5. Benefits to the Business You Selected- List a minimum of three. Use bullets.  Bullets are not common in academia but they are the norm in business writing.


6. Potential Risks


7. Estimated cost of Implementation


8. Summary

9. Bibliography APA style

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