career profession

In a paragraph, describe the career profession of any FBI agent.
Provide an annotated web link library of web sites related to the profession.
Find one article from a database related to the career and include a paragraph about the article and what database it came from.
List at least 3 professional associations that could support you in this profession. For each association listed, provide the mission of the organization, a profile of the association members, membership dues, and association publications.
Based on your state (Virginia), find any related legal codes associated with your chosen profession. Provide a link to that site with a paragraph description of the types of laws contained there.
List any other information sources that are critical in your profession. For each source listed, provide a link to that source, a description of the information found there, and how that information would be used in your chosen profession.
This paper should adhere to APA style standards including the following: Double space, margins, title page, in text citation of references, and a reference page.

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