Career Profile

• To demonstrate the student’s ability to reflect on their career choices, their personal skills, attributes and interests in order to identify suitable future employers and undertake future career planning.

Students will:
Submit a report that includes an Organisation Profile (1000 words) & a Leader Profile (1000 words).

Objectives of assessment:
To demonstrate the ability of students to:
• Critically reflect on self-learning, skills and attributes within their industry / discipline context
• Use critical evaluation and synthesis to identify areas for further development, both professionally and personally
• Creatively generate or locate opportunities and pathways for self development

Overview of Assessment

Task 1 – Organisation Profile – Based on comprehensive research and analysis students will evaluate a specific organisation in their industry of choice and will decide if it aligns to their skills, attributes and values. Is it a good organisational fit?

In the analysis students will be required to make a decision on:
– Does the organisation align to their skills, attributes and values?
– Is the organisation a suitable one in which to commence/continue their career?

Task 2 – Leader Profile – Students will be required to profile an inspiring leader from a sector of the community. Students will reflect on the leaders ‘journey’ and will ultimately assess how this person’s experience may impact on their own professional career planning.

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