case part 4

1. Respond with one thoughtful paragraph to Part 4 of the Case Study about the PCV OR to the articles about possible sustainability issues in the UK and or/Peak Oil. Or try for a combination answer if you want.
2. Read the two articles linked below and think about sustainability issues in the USA (one of the articles is about Britain which produces much less food than us).
First Article Link ––Britain-facing-real-food-crisis.html
Second article link:




That night the Volunteer was attending a Peace Corps party for some finishing Peace Corps staff members.  By chance, the Minister of Agriculture (the Minister from the Volunteer’s area) was attending the party.  Since the Volunteer knew this man from his training program, and since he had visited his area several times in past months, the Volunteer decided to talk to the Minister about the problems he was having.  The Minister reacted very strongly and very angrily to the Volunteer s somewhat pointed description, and promised that he would look into the matter and do all he could to help.


The next morning, as the Volunteer was collecting his mail at the Peace Corps mail room, he ran into the Ag programmer who asked about the problems that he was having.  After listening to the events, the Ag programmer mentioned to the Volunteer that the United States Embassy had a self help fund from which he might qualify for assistance in buying the seeds.  Part of the arrangement, however, was that the Volunteer would have to take responsibility for the funds and project, for a national was not allowed to do so.  The Volunteer was glad to have another option available, and said that he would look into it before he left.


After leaving the Peace Corps office, The Volunteer returned to the Ministry to see the Acting Director.  Although the Acting Director promised that the seed would be available in three days, he said that Volunteer would have to arrange his own transport; however, the Volunteer also noticed that the Acting Director was very abrupt and cool towards him.  The Volunteer left the Ministry unsure about the promise that the Acting Director gave him, and did not really trust his promise, anyway.


The Volunteer knew that if he did not obtain the seed within the next week, it would be too late. To keep his options open, he decided to go to the Embassy to investigate the self-help fund.


The Embassy officer cordially welcomed the Volunteer, and said that they would process his request in a hurry and would have a decision for him in three days.


The Volunteer then met the cooperative chairman, and together they caught a taxi back to their town.  On the ride up, the Volunteer was very happy with the results of their trip. He explained enthusiastically the two options that he had worked out for the cooperative.  From at least one of the sources, he told the chairman they should be able to get the seed by the end of the week.  The chairman did not seem to share his enthusiasm, although the Volunteer did not notice it for another hour or so.


Finally, noticing that something was bothering his companion, he asked him what the problem was.  After some fencing about, he discovered that the Chairman had visited the Acting Director after his visit that morning, and the Acting Director had angrily chastised his old friend for going to the Minister with their problem.  The Chairman was put in a dilemma (for he did not want to pass the blame on to the Volunteer who was their key to the seeds, but at the same time did not want to lose his friend).  This he did not express to the Volunteer directly, and the Volunteer commiserated with the Chairman about the evident lack of understanding the Acting Director showed about the seriousness of the problem faced the cooperative.



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