case study history and assessment on Dizziness

Select a case study from the Case Studies listed below. Discuss how you would take a history from this patient and describe an appropriate history-taking technique. Describe the appropriate developmental, cultural/spiritual, and physical assessment of the patient and provide rationale for your choice of assessment procedures and the order of assessment. Identify health risks for this patient along with health promotion and primary prevention strategies. Use Healthy People 2020 as a source of objectives.

This paper, not including the title page and reference page, must be in narrative form and at least ten pages.
Provides accurate case presentation, identification and rationale for key systems to assess based on the case study.
Discuss appropriate history taking technique, developmental, cultural/spiritual assessments, and rationale.
Describes applicable physical assessment procedures and order of assessment techniques with rationale.
Identifies risk factors, health promotion, and primary prevention strategies utilizing the HP 2020 (2000) objectives.
Includes an introduction and conclusion to the paper demonstrating accurate and appropriate assessment of the patient in the case study.
Uses at least five (5} references from professional journals and/or books or websites, including a minimum of three (3) journal articles.
Follows APA guidelines for paper format and reference citation. (See APA Format Grading Rubric).

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