Case Study: Remaking New York City

Robert Moses and Majora Carter have had an impact on land use policies in New York City. Prepare a 2 page paper in which you identify at least two key issues that each leader tried to address in terms of how he or she perceived the policy problem.

Assess the leadership style he or she adopted in trying to address the policy problem.
Analyze the effects their leadership style had on the policy.
Consider the effects that their leadership had on the city and people of New York.

1. Wikipedia entry on urban renewal, read sections 1 and 2.

2. Urban renewal in New York 1955 1975

3. Lecture by Max Page, Assistant Professor of Architecture and History at University of Massachusetts, presented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lecture title: Creatively Destroying New York Runs approximately 90 minutes.

4. Read Annals of Biography: The City-Shaper

5. Greening the Bronx: Majora Carter

6. Majora Carter: Her vision

The websites for 1,2,3,5, & 6. I WILL UPLOAD NUMBER FOUR. – – – – United Kingdom

This is the website for number 4, you will have to click on the city shaper at the bottom of the webpage.…/1998_01_05_038_TNY_LIBRY_000014646

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