Cash Budget

CFO Magazine online http:// is the website that MUST.! I repeat tha article MUST.! come from this website.(THE ARTICLE CAN NOT BE NO MORE THEN 2 YRS OLD)THE LINK TO THIS ARTICLE MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE INTRODUCTION OF THIS PAPER(VERY IMPORTANT THAT IS IS INCLUDED) Instructions is as follow: please follow carefully because this paper will be graded off of if the instructions are followed 100%. In 4 pages write a summary of the article selected from the website that i stated above, the article can be about one of the stated TOPICS.! 1. Financial forecasting methods 2. operating leverage 3. financial leverage 4. break-even analysis 5. cash budget…Choose only 1 I repeat onLy 1 of these topics and do a 4page paper, write a summary of the article and YOU MUST ANSWER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS IN THE PAPER: #1 why was the article selected #2 what was the significant business or personal financial issue covered in the article( what was the article about) #3 what new information or insight was gained from reading the article. #4 how will the new information gained from the article be useful to you in the future…These 4 points must be answered in the paper completely in order for this paper to be considered complete.! tHIS PAPER MUST HAVE A 1 inch MARGIN ALL THE WAY AROUND (PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS DONE) IT MUST BE ARIAL FONT AND A 12 POINT MAXIMUM (DOUBLESPACED) THIS PAPER MUST BE TYPED IN MLA FORMAT W A TITLE/COVERPAGE WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE 4 PAGES THAT IS BEING PAID FOR AND THE 4 PAGES NEED TO BE 4 PAGES OF FULL TEXT….BEFORE COMPLETING THIS ASSIGNMENT PLEASE EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU HAVE FOUND A ARTICLE THROUGH THE WEBSITE THAT I HAVE PROVIDED YOU WITH IN THE BEGINNING OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS…THANK YOU KENYATTA

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