Cause and effect

English 1101
Mrs. Charles
Cause and Effect or “Creating Solutions”

Workshop: Post a polished, ready to be graded draft of your paper as early as March 11

There is an inordinate number of students failing Physics 1. Parents in your city have trouble finding adequate and inexpensive child care. Students at your college drink too much. Hate speech still exists in your community. These are all legitimate problems that deserve to be recognized and addressed.

For this assignment, you will examine a problem like those above and propose a solution to it. In your essay, you will
1. present the problem (for example, too much drinking on campus);
2. present the consequences of the problem (students are not attending classes, drinking and driving, and developing serious drinking habits that are affecting their health);
3. present the cause of the problem (students don’t have nonalcoholic recreational options); and
4. suggest a solution to the problem (a free movie night on campus, lower prices for on-campus athletic events, and better advertisements for these events).

Be sure to choose a topic that is “solvable” in four pages. Problems like world hunger or inflation are too large and complex for this essay. You might consider issues that are local so that you can investigate the problem (perhaps by interviewing those affected by it) and propose feasible solutions to it.

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