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Central American Handwashing Initiative

Central American Handwashing Initiative

The Central American Handwashing Initiative (CAHI) is a great example of a PPP that involves a number of parties—public and private—working together to produce a public benefit. The CAHI brought together soap companies, government ministries, international donor organisations, non-governmental organisations, and the media in three Central American countries to promote handwashing with soap to prevent diarrheal disease.

Click here to read a report on the CAHI.

After reading the report, write a 2-3 page paper that:

1.examines the unique roles that the public and private sectors played, in meeting the needs of the Central American public; and
2.discusses the interplay between the public and private sectors, in meeting these needs and; (3) explains how entities, whose objectives are often unaligned, or at odds, can team up to improve public infrastructure and quality of life.

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