chinese history

choose one topic of following

1)Analyse a story or prose piece.

2)Take a group of Chinese stories and identify a common theme, technique, motif, or outlook. Notice differences and distinctions as well as similarities.

3)Pretend that you are a character in one of the legendary narratives, who, at some particularly troubling juncture in his of her career is writing a letter to Ann Landers for advice. Then write Ann landers’ reply. Your aim should be to successfully mimic the tone and thought processes of 1. your legendary character and 2. Ann Landers.

4) Make up your own assignment, then carry it out. If you do this, then please begin your paper with a statement of the assignment you have set for yourself.

dear writer
I will send some narratives(these are just short story). you don’t need any other source. please let me know which topic you want to do
among 4 topics.

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