Choose a MODERN Country

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most powerful documents that came from the colonists in America against their mother country, England; or I should say against the Monarchy, King George.

Staying true to enlightened ideology, Thomas Jefferson created this list of grievances and basically said American Colonists had enough. In this assignment you are a modern day revolutionary that has a ton of grievances against our government, or any government you wish to choose.

All information has to be factual and you need to make sure you back up your information. The assignment will be done in a PowerPoint presentation; therefore, you will need visuals. You will follow the guidelines below for your presentation.

In this assignment you will be recreating, rewriting the Declaration of Independence in Modern Terms picking a Modern Country.

Section 1 – Part I – is an introduction of your Declaration explaining to me which country you choose and why.
Section 1 – Part II – you are to create your opening passages. This is equivalent to the first paragraph in the Declaration. The only passage you are allowed to use is “When in course of human events”

Section 2 – Part 1, II, III – You are then to come up with minimum of 9 grievances. Three (3) grievances for each part making sure they are in bullet form, you will explain each grievance in the note section under each slide. You need to make sure you give me the why you went with that particular grievance. (This means you will have three slides with 3 grievances on them). Keep in mind, when you are talking about modern day governments, you are taking into account the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. We are talking about Present Day not yesteryear.

Topic of Section you will have: GITMO

In your notes section you will have:
The President Obama of the United States has put the lives of American people in danger with his signing of the Executive Order of closing down GITMO and allowing the terrorist to be transported onto our soil and to be tried in civilian courts. This grievance is important for it shows the inexperience of the Commander in chief when dealing with enemy combatants. It is proven that those who have been released from GITMO, more than 50% have turned back to terrorism. This allows us to become vulnerable to more terrorists attacks.

Section 3 – is your closing paragraph here are to use these words to start your closing paragraph making sure you quote this for it comes directly from the Declaration of Independence. “We, therefore, the Representatives of these” (put in the country you are representing here).

Section 4 – is your Endnote.This is for those who choose not to do parenthetical citations.

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