City of Constantine By John Hearson

Review is to be between SIX (6) and SEVEN (7) pages in length.  Part A (3 to 3 1/2 pages) is to be a summary of the work.  In Part A, also include if there were any maps, photographs, charts, or other materials in addition to the text.  Part B (3 to 3 1/2 pages) is to be a critique and evaluation of the work.  In this part describe and explain (1) some strong and weak points, or what the author(s) described well and what perhaps the author(s) should have explained more, or went into too much detail on; (2) explain what you liked and did not like; and (3) an explanation of why this book would, or would not, be a good (or in some ways good and not good) source of information for your topic, or for someone looking for information on this topic.  Be sure to use specific examples from the book to back up your views.  In addition, clearly separate sections A and B.  Do not run them together.

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