“Classical” Concert Report


For any written project, it’s safe to start with the basics. Who, what, when, where, how, why (did you like/dislike).

*Date, Place, size of auditorium or concert venue, approximate size of audience.

*Performance medium (symphony, choral, string quartet, jazz ….). Types and numbers of instruments or performers. Conductor?

*Describe the performance venue (size and location of the concert hall)(pros/cons).

*Describe the performers. Grouping? How were they dressed (formal or casual)?

*What impressed you most about the performance? Why?

*Why did you like/dislike the music? Did one song stand out from all the others? What was your favorite song or piece – describe it in terms of structural characteristics (instruments, melody, harmony, rhythm/beat, organization or form).

*Can you connect the musical terms and concepts you learned from the student guide with the live performance of the musicians? Explain using examples.

Remember to put in all the pertinent information about location, style, atmosphere of the concert experience, and personal observations. Be creative, critical and honest. See if you can think like the "entertainment newspaper reporter" and do a musical critique.

Concerts: Students will be required to attend two live concerts and submit the reports by using the concert links in unit 15. DVC offers several concerts each semester or you may choose to attend others offered in your local area. Each concert is worth 100 points (300-500 words in length). One concert is expected to be of classical style and one of jazz, ethnic or classical.

Concert Report #1 should be of a classical tradition which includes symphony, choral, ensembles, philharmonic orchestra, symphonic band, but may also include ballet or opera.

I would like you to write about a "Classical" Concert Report. Actually, I supposed to attend a Classical Concert and write about it but I didn’t. Therefore, I want you to pretend that you recently went to an actual Classical Concert in CA then write the report as the instruction above.

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