Classics English literature

There are two parts in this writing paper:

Part 1: Summary these websites: about 300 words

Part 2: Response this paragraph: about 250 words

-Professor Siegel’s notes included that deconstruction is a shift from seeing the poem or novel as a close entity, equipped with definite meanings which it is the cristic’s task to decipher, to seeing literature as irreducibly plural, and endless play of signifiers which can never be finally nailed down to a single center, essence, or meaning.
-Bedford St. Martin’s description was similar, Deconstruction involves the close reading of texts in order to demonstrate that any given text has irreconcilably contradictory meanings, rather than being a unified, logical whole.
-Deconstructionism seeks to destabilize meaning by examining the gaps and ambiguities of the language of a text. Deconstructionists pay close attention to language in order to discover and describe how a variety of possible readings are generated by the elements of a text. -What I take from these definitions is that any story or poem can have a vast number of meanings, that there isn’t just simply a right answer. And deconstruction includes having an analytical reader recognize this, and apply it to reading through focus on the use of language.-Deconstruction arose as a response to structuralism and formalism, which both have a belief that texts have identifiable center of meaning. The one minute video sheds some light as well:
-You can’t know what the author means because it’s just words and words are full of contradictions Jaques Derrida, creator of Deconstruction
-Meaning is an endless chain of deferment Jaques Derrida
-Meaning comes from the materials used to express it, and the materials are almost always already contradictory.

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