Classification Paper on Music

Classification Essay

Topic:  Music

I. Introduction……with thesis statement at end. Make sure it is a thesis that indicates that you are classifying something!

II. Unit 1 on Gospel/Christian Music

(Remember you are classifying types, not specific items within a type) ***Note: Please feel free to use name of artists, songs, etc in examples***

A. Topic sentence

B. Example 1, details. More than 1 sentence!  (Ex: can be Praise and Worship)

C. Example 2, details. More than 1 sentence!  (Ex:  can be Traditional Gospel)

D. Example 3, details.  More than 1 sentence!  (Ex: can be Contemporary Christian Music)

E. conclude and transition to Unit 2

III. Unit 2 on Jazz Music

transition from last paragraph

SAME as Unit 1 breakdown

IV. Unit 3 on R&B (Rhythm and Blues) Music

SAME as Unit 2 breakdown

V. Conclusion, tying the units back together as a classification, with follow up comments, remind the reader about what they have been reading.

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