Classification To Cause And Effect Essay

Classification and Division
To prepare a classification and division essay of 1,000 to
1,200 words using either method 1 or method 2.
Topic: Use your topic from the previous classification and
division assignment. Your topic should be one of these:
■ Sports, either general or types of fans
■ Genres of movies, television shows, or video games
■ Animals, either general or one specific breed
■ Illnesses, either general or a specific illness
■ Parenting styles

Read the following assignment summary. Then, in the Successful
College Writing textbook, read Chapter 15, pages 504–552. To
gauge your progress, complete the self-check.
Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, based on scientific principles, states that for every action, there’s an equal and
opposite reaction. “The price of Bride Electronics stock will
rise if the company merges with Canberra Enterprises.” This
statement is an opinion, probably based on research and prior
learning. “Whenever I watch The Wizard of Oz, I think of my
childhood in Kansas.” This statement refers to a subjective
response to a film and applies to only one individual. Each
one, in its own way, is an example of cause and effect.
Pages 504–505. Imagination is among any writer’s most
valuable tools. In this “Quick Start” exercise, your assignment
is to imagine what led to the scene in the photo on page 504.
What could have been the cause, or sequence of causes, that
led to the effect represented in the photograph? Consider
several possible scenarios.
Page 506. A cause-and-effect essay, also called a causal
analysis, is sometimes intended as an argument that supports
a set of observations, identifying a particular cause or sequence
of causes. In other cases, a causal analysis is intended to
inform readers. Read the information in this section as an
introduction to this pattern of development.

Pages 507–509. “Bad Conduct by the Numbers,” an essay
by educator Jennifer Jacobson, examines asocial and uncivil
behavior associated with collegiate athletics. The causal
analysis focuses on the results of a program to promote
sportsmanlike behavior.
Pages 507–516. The characteristics of properly written
cause-and-effect essays are explained. Note that effects
may have multiple causes. Poverty, for example, results from
factors (variables) that can include age, parent education,
quality of education, and racial discrimination, to name a
few. But apparent causes may be misleading. For example, if
ice cream consumption is statistically related to higher crime
rates, one could conclude that ice cream promotes criminal
behavior when, in fact, it’s warmer temperatures that are
among the causal factors leading to both higher crime rates
and higher levels of ice-cream consumption.
There are three general approaches in a causal analysis. First,
a cause-and-effect essay may focus on one or more causes
with respect to an effect, or it may explore how a cause, such
as poor health in children, may produce multiple effects,
such as poor reading skills, absenteeism, and disruptive
behavior. Second, an essay may explore chains of events.
For example, low self-esteem in a child may produce asocial
behavior. Asocial behavior, in turn, may lead to delinquency,
and so on. A third approach may explore multiple causes and
effects. Figures 15.1, 15.2, and 15.3 are graphic organizers
for cause-and-effect essays.
Pages 520–535. The skill of analyzing causes is important
for both your academic studies and your career skills. Review
the tips on pages 520 and 522 for integrating cause-and-effect
strategies into other patterns of development. You can use
the “Guided Writing Assignment” to help you complete this
lesson’s exam.
Pages 535–538. Read the “Students Write” essay, “An Early
Start,” by Harley Tong. The author specifies the causes for his
decision to leave high school and move on to community college.
Pages 539–541. Under the “Reading Cause-and-Effect Essays”
heading, study the reading strategies. Remember that you
can apply these when evaluating your essay’s purpose, logic
and coherence, and sufficient evidence of causality. 118 English Composition
Pages 541–545. Read the essay by Laurence Steinberg,
“Part-Time Employment Undermines Students’ Commitment to
School.” The title could serve as the author’s thesis statement,
so most of your appraisal will be the author’s presentation of
evidence. Read the exercises that follow the essay, and think
about how you would answer the questions.

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