Close poem reading

Focus of this essay should be to make a bold interpretive claim (rather than merely summarizing) about a poem and substantiating it with
detailed close reading, paying especially close attention to matters of form (how exactly a writer says what he/she
says) as well as content (what a writer says).
You are also required to incorporate 1-2 secondary sources(i.e., works of literary criticism) into your paper. If
you choose to make use of only one critical source, you will want to engage closely with the details of that
source’s central claim, carefully explaining areas of agreement and disagreement. If choosing to incorporate two sources, a logical though by no means exclusive way of juxtaposing them might be to find one essay you essentially agree with and another you
disagree with, and then demonstrate why you feel this way through close reading.
The challenge of this paper is to be able to engage learned critical commentary on the topic of your choosing
respectfully, but without your own argument getting smothered in the process.

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