cognitive psychology

write a final paper of no more than 8 pages (1 inch margins, doubled spaced, 11-12 pt font, excluding references) on a topic of your choice closely related to cognitive psychology. The paper should culminate in a proposal for an experiment that could be conducted on this topic. As a model, I would recommend organization similar to the Introduction section in a Journal of Experimental Psychology article. Your experiment should be tractable and concrete (and a true experiment with at least one manipulated independent variable). You do not need to include a complete Methods section. Primary source material for your paper must be peer review journals from some area of experimental psychology. There must be a minimum of 5 such references. Books, tech reports, and other sources are acceptable but are not a substitute for peer reviewed research and these do not count towards the minimum references required. Please be aware that it is inappropriate to cite papers that you have not actually read.

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