Communicating with the Public

Criminal justice professionals are tasked with communicating information to the public. This communication is most often verbal. But, is the purpose to explain, teach, and/or convey? For example, a police officer may be interviewed to discuss the high rate of assaults in a neighborhood park after dark. The officer might want to explain why the increase in assaults is on the rise, or teach the public how to avoid being assaulted, or convey the importance of knowing where assault rates are higher. The message may have one goal or multiple goals. It is important to keep in mind what the message is attempting to communicate so it can be communicated in a clear and concise manner.
For this assignment, imagine you are the Police Chief in your town. You are attempting to make your community aware of a criminal justice policy that you think is important. Select a criminal justice policy that you would like to communicate to your town. Use VoiceThread to record a 2–3 minute video of yourself informing the community of the policy you selected. Then consider how the policy might be beneficial for your specific community.
Before you begin this assignment, review the directions and training materials related to VoiceThread. To access training material on VoiceThread, please click on the VoiceThread area under the Course Home area in the navigation bar on the left.
The Assignment (VoiceThread Video Recording)
Record a 1-2 minute video of you conveying a policy message to the public
Include in your message:
A description of the criminal justice policy you selected
An explanation of what you hope to achieve by informing your community about the policy you selected (explain, teach, or convey).
An explanation of how the policy might be beneficial for your community

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