Communication Skills and Goals Worksheet

Complete the following steps in the space provided below.

Step 1: Identify your communication skills and goals. Answer each of the prompts in the table below.

Communication Skills and Goals
What are your current communication skills?


How are these skills necessary to you as an individual?


What are your future communication goals? State them in a specific and measurable manner.


What methods will you apply to achieve these goals?


Step 2: Have a close friend or family member create a list for you.
Talk to someone who knows you well and have this individual create a list of the following:

  • Your communication skills, from their perspective
  • Your communication strengths and weaknesses, from their perspective
  • Recommendations for improving your communication skills

Step 3: Write a 450-word summary with three sections that compiles and synthesizes all of your steps.

  1. In Section 1, present your list of communication skills and goals. Use the prompts in Step 1 to help you write this section and provide a cohesive response.
  2. In Section 2, present the list of communication skills that your friend or family member created for you. Use the prompts in Step 2 to help you write this section and provide a cohesive response.
  3. In Section 3, create a newly revised list of communication goals, comprised of the goals from your original list and any recommendations from your friend or family member.
Section 1: Communication skills and goals:






Section 2: Your friend or family member’s list:






Section 3: State your revised goals. Be specific and ensure they are measurable.






















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