Communication Climates

•    Watch a television show—such as a sitcom or any reality show—
that depicts small groups, families, or teams. Take notes regarding the
interactions and communication dynamics depicted in the television

Write a 1,200 word paper in which you assess the interactions and
dynamics within the communication climate you observed. Describe the
following concepts: supportive and defensive communication climates,
confirming and disconfirming responses, cohesiveness, active listening, and
nonverbal dynamics. In addition to your assessment, answer the following

•    What types of verbal and nonverbal dynamics came into play? Explain.

•    What behavior indicated a supportive or defensive communication
climate? Why?

•    What types of confirming or disconfirming responses did you witness?
How did they contribute to the cohesiveness of the group?

•    What types of barriers or indicators to effective listening occurred?
Why were they a barrier or indicator?

References: The text & at least two peer-reviewed articles.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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