compare and contrast

Comparisons, Contrasts and Conclusions

This module asks you to compare and contrast two specific people, events, or organizations, based on your first-hand experience.

Imagine that you are a management consultant to a large firm. You are asked to compare and contrast any of these situations. Choose ONE and write up your comparison, using an organized style such as the 5 point essay process.

Option #1: Your company will be holding a meeting of 5 people from all over the country. They can set up a virtual meeting, where everyone stays home, or create a live event that brings everyone together. Compare and contrast virtual meetings with live events. Don’t dwell too much on costs.

Option #2: Your business associate is considering offers that would require relocation. One offer involves relocation to City X; another requires moving to City Y.  For X and Y, substitute real cities in the US where you have lived or visited. Assume your associate is married with 2 children in grade school. Write a persuasive letter, recommending X or Y.(If you prefer, change the your assumptions so your associate is single, childless, with kids in college – whatever you prefer).

Option #3: You have left your current job. Now you are working for a company and doing well. Your boss says, “We have just received applications from two of your former colleagues. We are not sure which one we would like to hire. Can you compare them based on your experience as a colleague? Which one do you recommend and why?”


Option #4: You are in charge of the holiday party for your organization or department. Your boss says, “Should we have a formal sit-down dinner with just the employees? Or should we have an informal picnic with families and dogs? Please send a comparison with your recommendation.”

Here’s an example based on a topic that you are not assigned. It’s passing. Yours will be much better! The info is totally imaginary. Note that when we compare two things, we say one is better; with three or more, one is “best.”

Contrast: Accounting vs. Marketing Departments in My Company : Which is the better place to work?

I. Overview: This paper contrasts two departments in my company, accounting and marketing, based on annual turnover of staff, respect from senior management and dress code. I argue that marketing is the better place to work.
II. Comparison based on turnover

A. People in accounting stay longer. That means the marketing staff has to get used to working with new people all the time, which is more challenging.

B.  Marketing people leave faster because they have an easier time finding new jobs.

III. Comparison based on dress code

A. Marketing department staff wear jeans and polo shirts, while accountants dress up every day. This suggests that the culture is… [it’s not enough to list facts; you need to interpret them and explain the differences.)

B. Accounting staff has casual Friday but still dress more formally than marketing. That means higher dry cleaning bills.
Important: Do not simply describe one thing and then the other, with perhaps a short paragraph discussing the differences. In the above example, you would not have a description of the marketing department followed by a description of the accounting department. Instead, each paragraph would be about one way in which these departments are similar or different. Assignment: Outline a compare-and-contrast essay as discussed above. Take 2-3 pages minimum (no maximum).   Double space or single space with double space between outline items.

Checklist for Grading:

==> Demonstrate understanding of 5-paragraph essay format. (If you are a very experienced, confident writer, email me about alternatives.)

==> Following directions (necessary for a grade of “B” or higher)

==> Organize assignment into specific points, one point per paragraph.

==> Support each point with logic and reasoning.

==> Each element in the outline has at least 2-3 sentences. Just a word or two is not enough.

==> Analytical and critical content: no summary or “regurgitating” of what you read

==>Use of APA formatting  Guidelines here.

==> Length: 350-500 words.

==> Present your own ideas. It’s not hard to find published essays on all sorts of topics. But we want to see your work – not someone else’s! You only get credit for work that is 100% yours. In some courses it is appropriate to use quotations. In this course, there is no reason to quote anyone else, except very briefly to support your points.

==>No general statements with “all,” “none,” “must,” “should,” “mandatory,” and similar terms

==> Business and workplace topics only. Please do not make reference to religion, national politics or anything that’s intensely personal.

==> Include examples and details from your experience. Avoid generalities and abstractions. Avoid long introductions and discussions of “how I came up with this topic.”

==> TUI takes plagiarism seriously. Please review the policy here. You will get a passing grade only if you follow these guidelines


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